Park Scholars Nominated for Truman and Goldwater Scholarships

Jezzette Rivera ’10 and Courtney Fox ’10 nominated for Truman and Goldwater.

Jezzette Rivera ’10 has been nominated by NC State for the Truman Scholarship.

Jezzette is a leader on NC State’s campus, serving in a variety of significant positions at NC State. She is engaged in advocacy, governance, and politics – three different, but complementary, modes of civic engagement. At the same time, she has accomplished a record of outstanding academic achievement.
Jezzette has been a resident assistant in NC State Housing, served as President of Mi Familia, co-Chaired Service Raleigh, and volunteered for Futures for Kids, El Pueblo High School Service Groups, and the Language Exchange Program. She has also served as a member of the Student Diversity Activities Council, Catholic Campus Ministry, and the Peer Mentor Program. Jezzette was a finalist for Leader of the Pack in 2008. She is also involved in NC State’s University Scholars Program.

Jezzette is from Hartford, Connecticut, and is majoring in Criminology and Political Science.

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Courtney Fox ’10 has been nominated by NC State for the Goldwater Scholarship.

Courtney has an extensive research CV, dating back to a NASA-sponsored project undertaken while she was a student at the North Carolina School of Science & Math, and extending to her work this past term at Imperial College, University of London (to which she’ll return this summer). Courtney received a grant from the Park Alumni Society to fund her travel to London, and used the experience as a study abroad venture as well as a research opportunity. While her research experiences and venues have varied widely, they have all concerned electro-chemistry. The applications have included fuel cell, nuclear materials processing, and biosensors. Courtney is also involved in the University Honors Program on campus.

Courtney is from Oxford, North Carolina, and is majoring in Chemical Engineering and English.

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