November Park Enrichment Grants Awarded

The Park Enrichment Grant committee made the following awards to Park Scholars who submitted proposals by the November 1 deadline.

Park Enrichment Grants
Park Enrichment Grants provide support for Park Scholars engaged in professional and personal enrichment experiences in the United States and abroad. These awards, initiated in 1998, are designed to foster the development of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, as well as connect Scholars with faculty.

These grants are awarded by the Park Enrichment Grant committee composed of faculty members from across the NC State University campus and a representative from the Park Alumni Society. Awards are funded by the Park Foundation and donor gifts made to the Park Scholarships Enrichment Fund, Park Scholarships General Fund, and Park Alumni Society Study Abroad Travel Stipend Fund.

Garik Sadovy ‘12
StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation

Sarah Cummings ‘14
American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting

Research/Scholarly Activity
Galen Graham ‘13
Medical Research Trip to Ethiopia

Tori Huffman ‘15
Studying the Influence of Culture on the Prevention, Progression, and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Andrew Miller ‘13
Medical Research Trip to Ethiopia

Service Activity
Joshua Chappell ‘14
Alternative Service Break to Nicaragua

Meagan Gentry ‘14
Alternative Service Break to Gulf Coast

Ian Hill ‘13
Rebuilding Science in Mexico

Ian Hill ‘13
Sustainable Community Development in Haiti

Ryan King ‘15
Alternative Service Break to El Salvador

Sophia Yang ‘16
Alternative Service Break to Dominican Republic

Study Abroad
Olivia Adams ‘16
Summer Study Abroad in the Czech Republic

Sophie Austin ‘14
Spring Semester in Italy

Ansilta De Luca-Westrate ‘14
Spring Semester in Brazil

Jacob Rutz ‘14
Spring Semester in Namibia