Park Scholars Dance for a Cause

The Scholar-driven Dance Marathon raised more than $17,000 for the NC Children’s Hospital.

By Saturday, February 5, there were a lot of tired feet at NC State. But as the third annual Dance Marathon drew to a close, something else was in abundance—donations. The 24-hour fundraiser raised $17,230 for the NC Children’s Hospital, an increase over last year’s $10,851 intake.

The concept behind Dance Marathon is simple: for one 24-hour period, student volunteers stay on their feet—absolutely no sitting or sleeping. The patients at the Children’s Hospital serve as their inspiration; Since the children cannot take a break from illness, participants do not take a break from standing.

The first Dance Marathon originated at Penn State in 1973. NC State’s version was created in 2003 by several students, including six Park Scholars from the class of 2005. Much of the initial planning for the first event was done in the Scholars’ freshman leadership seminar and early support came from a grant from Youth Ventures.

The fundraising isn’t limited to the dance floor, however. Park Scholars have sponsored Casino Nights and scooped ice cream, among other events, leading up to the marathon. In addition, several of the volunteers visit the hospital weekly so that NC State has a strong presence there.

For more information on Dance Marathon, visit the Dance Marathon site.