Jasmine Flood '12 Inspires Young Artists

Jasmine Flood ‘12 spent her summer working as an art instructor for the City of Greenville’s Famous Artists Camp. Her duties included coordinating creative projects influenced by well-known artists and art movements for children ranging in age from 5-13.

Jasmine Flood ‘12 instructing a lesson during the Famous Artists Camp.

The focus of the Famous Artists Camp is to encourage children to develop and refine their artistic skills and abilities. The program strives to make art accessible to students who may not have the necessary resources available at their elementary and middle schools during the academic year.

As she looks back on her summer, Flood believes she was a successful instructor due to her patience, flexibility, and passion for working with children. Flood guided over 100 students in processes such as making paper, screen printing, and firing pottery in a kiln. “It was my goal to allow the children to express themselves creatively and develop a greater sense of self-worth in the process,” says Flood. “They developed a new appreciation for art by making things they could call their own.”

Upon graduating with a degree in textile technology and a minor in art and design, Flood plans to pursue graduate work in interior architecture and design.