Making Waves at Kyma Technologies

Greg Mulholland ’07 is making an impact at Kyma Technologies, a local technology startup.

Greg Mulholland ’07 had just returned to the Triangle in 2008 after spending a year at Cambridge University earning his M.Phil in Materials Science, and he wanted to find a job that would let him stay local and still keep his skills sharp in case graduate school beckoned in the future.

Enter Kyma Technologies, a materials company specializing in gallium nitride semiconductors that was spun out of NC State in 1998. It turned out to be quite a fit: Greg was placed into an engineering role with a strong research focus, the company’s small size led it to act like a startup company, and there were a number of issues that needed to be tackled immediately.

Greg quickly become recognized as a key problem solver who could deliver in the lab, along the processing line, and in business development meetings. A photograph he took of a gallium nitride crystal was selected via photo contest to appear on the July/August cover of Materials Today magazine. Greg was also recently promoted to Director of Engineering at Kyma.